Be Empowered

Have you experienced sexual violence? Have you had initial support, and are looking for more? Connect with us - be heard, seen and supported.


This free program is for people 16 years or over. Located in Wodonga we will meet every Monday 19th Sept – 7th Nov from 1pm to 3pm.


During 8 sessions our facilitators will offer different activities and ideas to help each person leave the group with new things to help every day. Some topics include how trauma impacts the brain and body, some shared experiences of these impacts, how to communicate our needs and our boundaries to others and beginning to recognise and celebrate the things we care about in our lives, and ourselves. Each session will include talking as well as activities and there will be sensory/fidget gadgets available.


To learn more or apply, contact our group facilitators Wen and Lucrecia on 03 5722 2203 or email