The Art Project


Eight remarkable and resilient humans are on a journey to create an exhibition to advocate for victim survivors of sexual assault and gender-based violence.

Each participant has had the strength to survive their own stories of abuse and have come on board to be a voice for those that cannot. At the same time, they will be using art to help heal their own recovery. Leading their journey is artist and advocate Dr Jan Donaldson.


The Art Project will run for close to a year to develop a series of art works that will be exhibited at the Wangaratta Art Gallery in August 2023.


Jaime Chubb, CEO of the Centre Against violence said “Art has extraordinary healing abilities and many of our victim survivors use art to support their healing, their mental health, and their sense of identity. Conversations with many of our clients and practitioners have demonstrated the power of art in the work the CAV does with victim survivors.”

“Their Works be showcased to the local community to tell their stories of trauma, pain, and healing. The exhibition will help to raise awareness of the issues of gender-based and family violence in our community whilst also showing the capacity for empowerment and recovery,” said Ms Chubb.


The Centre Against Violence is proud to be hosting this program alongside tremendous support from GOTAFE the Kyamba Foundation, Rural City of Wangaratta and the Wangaratta Art Gallery.


Applications are now closed.